Huer Huero Creek


Huer Huero Creek Watershed

The Huer Huero watershed is located in the eastern portion of San Luis Obispo’s North County region. The Huer Huero creek is an ephemeral underground stream which flows to directly to the Salinas River. The headwaters occur in the Coast Ranges, south of Creston and reach elevations of approximately 3312 feet. The confluence of the Huer Huero with the Salinas River occurs in Paso Robles. The dominant land use in the watershed is agriculture, with vineyards comprising a large percentage. The watershed is divided into two main drainages, the Upper Huer Huero and the Lower Huer Huero. Highway 41 East bisects the watershed. A portion of the Los Padres National Forest is located in the southeast portion of the watershed and contains the highest elevations in the watershed.

Watershed Overview
Hydrologic Unit Name: Salinas 9
Water Planning Area: Salinas/Estrella WPA 14
Acreage:  103,496 acres
Flow to:  Salinas River – to Pacific Ocean (Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary)
Groundwater Basin(s):  Paso Robles
Jurisdictions:  County of San Luis Obispo, Creston (ptn), City of Paso Robles (ptn.), Los Padres National Forest
Watershed Plans: None


View Subwatersheds

  1. Dry Canyon
  2. East of Huer Huero Creek
  3. El Pomar
  4. Geneseo
  5. Grassy
  6. Huerto Creek
  7. Jackson and Reinhert Ranch
  8. Mid Branch Huer Huero Creek
  9. North of Creston
  10. Ryan
  11. Union School
  12. West Branch Huer Huero Creek
  13. Wilson Canyon

Full Data Snapshot

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Watershed Snapshot

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  • Geology
  • Hydrology models
  • Vegetation
  • Special status wildlife and plants
  • Land use
  • Demographics
  • Major changes in the watershed
  • Watershed health
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