Coastal Irish Hills


Coastal Irish Hills Watershed
Coastal Irish Hills Watershed

The Irish Hills Coastal Watersheds are located in the San Luis Range, along the remote San Luis Obispo County coastline between the communities of Los Osos and Avila Beach. The drainages rise to a maximum elevation of 1,819 feet above sea level at Saddle Peak. The major creeks flowing to the Pacific Ocean and with their headwaters in the Coastal Range Mountains are Hazard Canyon, Islay Creek, Coon Creek, Diablo Creek, Irish Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Hanford Creek and Wild Cherry Canyon. The watershed is dominated by grazing lands some in conservation or agricultural easements and public lands. Other land uses include a regional nuclear power plant, passive recreation, natural resource preservation and limited oil drilling.

Watershed Overview
Hydrologic Unit Name:  Estero Bay HU 10
Water Planning Area:  San Luis Obispo/ Avila WPA 6
Acreage:  27,922 acres
Flow to:  Pacific Ocean
Groundwater Basin(s):  None
Jurisdictions: County of San Luis Obispo, CA Department of Parks and Recreation
Watershed Plans: Irish Hills Coastal Watershed Conservation Plan (Coastal Conservancy, 2001)


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  1. Coon Creek
  2. Islay Creek
  3. Pecho Creek

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Watershed Snapshot

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